FlexSpray offers the most complete & reliable line of airless spray stock lubrication systems. Precise metered lubrication provides the ability to achieve a variety of crisp spray patterns.

FlexSpray's unique modular design allows for easy expansion. And, our exclusive individual stainless steel control pumps have burnished finish interior ports resulting in the longest pump life in the industry.

FlexSpray's capability to control volume, location and timing will result in:

  • increased die life
  • reduced lubricant usage
  • increased productivity
  • improved part quality
  • increased press speeds, and
  • environmental improvement

Industry's Best Valves & Pumps

Our unique manufacturing process is key to the extended life and reliable performance of FlexSpray® pumps.


We offer the following services on all our products and technology:
  • Engineering
  • Rebuild
  • Training
  • Delivery

Stainless Steel Components

FlexSpray® has been engineered with individual stainless steel volume control pumps.

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